Short term and long term rental options available

Short Term/Month by Month Rentals

We have been contacted by many companies who are looking for a short term rental option.  Tie this is with their month to month phone line contract with their carrier and its a perfect solution for a short term commitment.  We have been advised by our existing rental customers that no other company is offering short term rentals, only minimum 24 month contracts.

How it works is simple.  You have the option of organising your own voice and internet service, or we can supply this for you (contact us for pricing on month to month phone and internet plans).  You tell us how many phones you want and a quick chat about how the phone is to be configured.  From here we can offer you a month by month price for the rental of the equipment.  

This allows your business to operate efficiently for a short or unknown period of time.  More importantly it means you do not have to sign up on a lengthy contract and then have to pay the exit fees and purchase the equipment if you decide to break the contract.  

Contact us for more information and to see our terms and conditions.


Long Term Rentals

New Systems

We offer our customers great rates on rentals of phone system equipment over 24, 36, 48 and 60 month contracts.  At the end of the rental period you then own the equipment.  Contact us for more information.  

Pre-Owned Systems

Often with a contract, the price is reflected over a contract term to accommodate the cost of the new hardware.  If you are looking at a refurbished system to rent over a period of time, we can arrange for this to be fully supported in the event of a failure/lightning strike etc and the pricing is much cheaper than on new equipment.   The system will often be the same model as that offered by the new phone system (contact us for our range), with a much cheaper monthly repayment.