3CX - Software Based Phone System

Take everything you know about a traditional PBX Commander or Telstra style phone system and throw it in the bin.  Take a step into the latest technology that is not just a gimmick, its actual technology to maximise your productivity in your business.

  • Remote users connect seamlessly
  • Install the phone system software to an existing server or stand alone PC, or go cloud based
  • No limit in number of extensions so if you want more phones there is no licensing
  • Installs on your existing computer network - easy
  • Nice looking phones
  • Video conferencing and meetings via a web browser
  • Use your existing Samsung/Iphone which integrates
  • Cheaper than your standard PBX
  • Managed easily onsite or remotely
  • Windows desktop based call control
  • Great savings on calls using the latest technology
  • and much much more........

The brief and easy explanation of what 3CX is

There is so much terminology available in this field its hard to understand the basics if your quite new to some of the great features this system has to offer.  The tradition Commander or Telstra style phone systems come with a main box which screws to the wall close to the Telstra line box.  All phone cabling needs to come back to this area.  3CX does not have a traditional box or "main equipment".  Its software only so it would be installed on a server or on just a little PC/Laptop you have maybe as a spare machine.

Once the software is installed, the telephones are installed on desks and they plug in to standard computer cabling.  We supply a wide range of phones which work on this system.

Rather than traditional Telstra style phone lines, the system uses out of the box the latest Voice Over IP technology called SIP.  This basically just means that rather than data going through Telstra's copper network it goes "in the cloud" or over the internet.  These systems are setup so that voice quality is fantastic and we are happy to provide a demo of this.

Will 3CX work with the NBN?

We can actually do one better.  As 3CX is a system based on using the technology in the cloud, having the NBN for a faster internet connection just makes this system even more appealing.  With the increased bandwidth of the NBN you can have more downloads.  Its like having a pipe with water, enlarge the pipe and you have more water flow.

What features does it have compared to a standard PBX?

3CX has all the standard features of your leading PBX on the market.  What it also offers is advanced functionality and features which are actually included with no additional licensing which can often be the case with other brands.  Some of these features are listed below:-

  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call Recording
  • Availability (At desk or away - can handle calls differently)
  • Integration to your computer (Utilise telephony with your Windows PC)
  • Webmeeting
  • Smart Phone Integration
  • Windows software applications


Huge savings on your phone bill

So how does it work?  Well the calls are made over the internet rather than traditional calls made via the Telstra copper infrastructure.  Its very similar to making a Skype call.

Have you made a Skype call lately where you have had a good connection at both ends and a crystal clear conversation?  That is what you have with 3CX.  The calls over the internet are far cheaper than standard call technology.

Most companies today have been using the same phone lines for many years.  They are not aware that they are paying too much or more than the average amount for phone calls today.  The bills come in and people pay and have been doing so for years.  By contacting us, we can analyse your phone bill and look at moving you across to a more effective plan.  People do this all the time for power companies, so why not phone?

Many of our customers are enjoying the latest technology and making big monthly savings, isnt it time you talked to us?